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Set cursor position in the Flex Text Controls

September 19, 2012

You have a text control in flex. At some random event, you need to focus the text control. Simple, right. Just give :


All is fine. So what if you need to add some text to the text control? Like the following :

txtInput.text = “@anoop_pk”;

This will definitely bring the focus on the control. But hold on. The cursor will be blinking on the beginning of the text and you want it to set to the end of the text. Okay it is quite simple. Flex framework provides with method setSelection for the text controls. Which can be used to select a part of the text in the text controls programatically. The typical usage is like this :


We can use this to achieve our task by giving like this :

txtInput.setSelection(txtInput.text.length, txtInput.text.length);

We are infact selecting nothing, but this will force the cursor to move to the end of the text. Thats it guys, a small tip to keep my writing active. Lots of work. See you. Happy Coding. 🙂


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