Query for Hash Map using iBatis (MyBatis)

An iBatis, oops MyBatis post. Donno why still am tend to call it iBatis only. Anyway just a small post to show how we can query data to fill a hashmap. Directly into code.

<resultMap id="hashMapResult" class="java.util.HashMap">
<result property="key" column="managerName"/>
<result property="value" column="count"/>

<select id="mCount" resultMap="hashMapResult">
select managerName, count(reportees) AS count
from mgr_employee
group by managerName;

You can call this from java using the simple command below :

Map<String,Long> mCountMap = getSqlMapClientTemplate().queryForMap("mCount", "", "key", "value");

That’s it guys. I am experimenting this for having objects other than String as Values. I will update the post as soon as that is done. Happy Coding Guys 🙂


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2 Responses to “Query for Hash Map using iBatis (MyBatis)”

  1. Antoniya Says:

    I dont think this applies to mybatis unfortunately as it doesn’t offer a signature for selectMap which takes in the value to map into the map 😦

  2. your_mentor Says:

    doesn’t work at all, but try to use @Map annotation in your mapper

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