Check if an XML node or attribute exists in E4X format

E4X is the heaven when it comes to XML parsing. Since flex natively supports E4X format results, it makes our lives very easy. But there are lots of tips and tricks to play in E4X parsing.

Suppose you have an optional XML node and you need to check whether it exists in the XML. Obviously our actionscript and javascript memories will ask us to try this way if(xml.node != null) or if(xml.node). But if you try this, it is not gonna work. It will probably give you unwanted result or if your day is going too good you will get a reference error. The below are some ways you can try out :

For checking Nodes :

if(xml.someNode.length() > 0){ // Node exists }if(xml.someNode != undefined)
{ // Node exists }

For checking Attributes:

if(xml.@someAttr.length() > 0)
{ // Attribute exists }

if(xml.@someAttr != undefined)
{ // Attribute exists }

That’s it guys. Happy Coding! 🙂 Flex your life.


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